Dragonflys, Cows, and The Great Blue

So my Saturday evening is winding down. Tom and I are watching an episode of Duck Dynasty, and I’m multi-tasking and blogging too. I want to document today’s capture. I took my Nikon D300 with my Nikon 55-300 mm/5.6 zoom lens and I shot in shutter priority. Tom used his Nikon D600 with his favorite 20mm wide-angle. It was a beautiful day. I started the morning by sleeping in. I was still fired-up from my Friday-morning (8/2/13) sunrise capture. Shabbat Shalom!

We went for breakfast at the new cafe I discovered last week in Auburndale, which by the way, we both decided was nothing to brag about and we’ll stick to the Kick-Butt-Cuisine at Country Angels! After breakfast we stopped by the local farmer’s market and picked up some peaches, tomato’s, homemade plum and blueberry preserves, and an avocado. The peaches were a miss, but the tomatoes were delicious, we had some for lunch. Later, Tom took me to see a few lake-sides that have undergone a makeover which transformed their shorelines into mini beach-like sandy shores. We don’t plan anything quite as elaborate, but I got a few ideas.

In our exploration of shorelines, we came across an abandoned house that is part of a 33 acre track of land that’s up for sale.

Adjacent to the house we met a small herd of cows. They are such gentle creatures, and among the herd were a couple of young calves still suckling from their momma. It was such a sweet sight. It almost made me wish I weren’t such a carnivore. Of course I couldn’t resist shooting them – with my camera!

However, my favorite capture of the day was the dragon-fly who had animal print wings! Really!

I think these shots are great, especially since I wasn’t using my macro lens. Where did that dragonfly come from? I wonder what type it is. I’ve googled it but can’t find the species. I’ll contact the butterfly museum at the University of Florida. I’m sure they’ll know the species or direct me to someone who does.

Well once back home, The Great Blue paid us a visit. I think he is accepting me as part of the environment and doesn’t fly away as soon as I go outside with my camera. He let me get really close to him today. Wouldn’t you know that I’d forget to reset my camera after shooting the sunrise the previous morning. I had it set for shutter priority with a very slow shutter speed. All my images of Great Blue were blurred. Urghhhhh! And he left, just flew away laughing at me I’m sure.

I was so sad to have missed the shot. But, he came back, and I rallied Tom to his camera. We shot from inside until I couldn’t resist it any longer and went out. Guess what, Great Blue let me get really close to him yet again. I even walked all the way to the end of the dock where he was stalking some prey, and watched him hunt. Then with my camera reset to the proper shutter speed, I shot Great Blue as he flew away to enjoy his meal.

You just have to love nature. It’s all so randomly on purpose. Every where you look, there is beauty to be discovered. An animal print winged dragonfly, a calf nursing, and The Great Blue tolerating my presence in his environment.

Good Night.

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