Tour of Florida Southern College – Frank Lloyd Wright Architect

After our delicious brunch at the Terrace, Tom took me to the Florida Southern College Campus in the artsy district of Downtown Lakeland. Frank Lloyd Wright the renowned architect designed several buildings at this campus dating back to 1941 – 1952.


As we walked the grounds of this property, I noticed that several buildings had very low ceilings. Tom informed me that Mr. Wright was a very short man, measuring 5’2″ and according to Tom,  Mr. Wright was an egotist who would not listen to anyone.  As I heard Tom describe him, I chuckled to myself and thought, “that’s the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me!” Tom is also 6’4″ and is too tall to be comfortable in most spaces.  Getting back to Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings, they are designed with very low ceilings and if you are claustrophobic you will feel a bit uncomfortable until you get used to the space. Another way to look at FLW’s design is that one feel’s cozy in his buildings.


Enjoy the Gallery

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