Metamorphosis involves a struggle

The struggle required by the butterfly to push through the tiny opening in the chrysalis or pupa (cocoon) is nature’s way of forcing the fluids from its body into its wings, thus strengthening its wings to fly. Denied this process, the butterfly would emerge weak and underdeveloped and would not be able to fly. It would never reach its full potential.

The lesson here is that struggles in our own lives are exactly what propels us to seek and grow strong and independent. Each personal struggle we overcome gives us the confidence to let go of fear, and become who we want to be. We learn to spread our wings and fly.

Mo, by Tom. Observing the butterfly, flowing with the metamorphosis
Tom, by Mo. Observing the butterflies, flowing with the metamorphosis
Living the moment
Mo, by Tom

Tom and I visited the Butterfly Museum yesterday. It was 2 years ago that Tom first took me to the museum, and put his Panasonic g2 in my hands. An act that set me on a very personal and intense photographic journey. On this trip Tom and I both used our Nikon’s. He had his D600 full frame; I used the D7K. Tom was very disappointed with his results, and I felt for him. I know the feeling of anticipation one gets after a shoot where you think you got great shots, only to view them on a large screen and find you missed it. It sucks! I on the other hand, really liked the images I captured. Here are a few of them.

Here are Tom’s shots of me. I think he did a great job on these:)

to be posted.

On our way home we stopped at the RED WING restaurant. It is a carnivore’s delight!

Other than a few crops, the shots here are presented as shot with no post-processing:)

2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis involves a struggle”

  1. beautiful pictures Mo 🙂 your words are inspiring…kinda feeling like that caterpillar in the chrysalis right now…just waiting for the time to squeeze out and test my wings…too bad I cant make money inside this thing though lol. Miss you so much!

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