Just another Saturday in the life of a Polk City Pioneer Woman

I love PC

Life in Polk City is slow and easy. It starts early in the morning with the sunrise . . .


A little “cafe con leche” by the dock . . .

watching the hibiscus wake up.. . yawwwwwwnnn! It’s so relaxing here.

Polk City in 1925 – Read More here

1925 Picture

Life here languishes through the day and is filled with unexpected visitors stopping by to sun themselves on our dock, or on the Bimini of the boat.

When fully unraveled, the hibiscus’ wave their velvety petals in the gentle summer breeze.

After my morning shower,  I’m off to indulge in extreme decadence and hedonistic behavior down in Auburndale. My first stop is at my favorite day spa, Comfort-Zone Massage Services located across from the Police Station in Auburndale. Linda Walker, LMT, the owner and an absolutely delightful lady, greets me with a big hug and then guides me to a very relaxing experience. As soon as I walk into Linda’s establishment, my stress begins to diffuse. The soothing scents, sounds, and calming Salt-lights encourage relaxation. Linda hands me over to Susan who delivers a one hour full body gentle-CranioSacral Therapeutic Massage, then I am given back to Linda to perform her magical one hour Classic European Facial with a “red-white-blue” twist. These are two added treatments consisting of an exfoliation with a strawberry-vanilla mask, blueberry-clove peel, and finished off with a cucumber toner and yet another head-neck-shoulder massage.

facial 2

Uhhhhhhh  . . . you’d think I had enough . . . you’d be wrong!

Still basking in the afterglow of my decadent morning pampering, I took  a walk down the four-or-five city blocks that make up downtown Auburndale. Along the way, I find a really cool breakfast eatery, _MOT0552a fabulous custom-cake bakery,

a couple of hair salons, and a nail/hair shop called Tanglez.  There is hope!


Unfortunately, the hair salon and nail shop both required advance appointments. The nail tech at Tanglez doesn’t work on Saturdays, really? That’s the only day I have to indulge in decadence and hedonism. Oh well. Moving on, just a quick jaunt in my car up to hwy 92 I found a full service-no-appointment needed- nail shop. Owned by Asians! Yes! I love their work ethics:) Open just about everyday, and late hours.

ANGEL NAILS – My kind of place! They were great!  Tom, the nail tech who did my hands, removed all the old acrylic and shellac from my fingernails,and gave me a full manicure, then he turned me over to Alex, who gave me a fabulous pedicure . . . more like an excavation to remove callouses, cuticles, dry skin, and removal of shellac from my toe nails. He followed all that hard work up with a 30 minute massage on my calves and feet, then a hot stone rub on my legs, and a paraffin soak for my heels. When Alex was done, he brought me to Mary who completed my pedi with a new gel-pink glittery-polish. Did I mention the pedi was done on a pedicure tower with a massage chair of course. Okay! I can do this on a regular basis.Yes, I am falling in Love with life in Polk City:)

385846_10150382733973473_34905817_n 1000101_10151585119148473_1068124065_n

We ended our Saturday evening with a date night at the Texas Cattle Company in Downtown Lakeland and while waiting for our food, I took advantage of the last bit of sunlight before the sunset over Lake Parker.

I can never get enough of the unexpected public art installations one finds throughout Lakeland.

People watching is always interesting, but I always seem to encounter a wedding taking place on the grounds of the local lakes here. People in Polk County are into getting married:) I love the Brides Maid I caught taking the Plunge!

and of course the feathered guests

A Cool People Watching Shot of a Dad and Son catching the sunset at Lake Parker.

On our way home we saw a large fireworks display at Marchant Stadium, and now I’m sitting in my living room, listening to the frogs serenade, in between Tom’s Classic Rock n Roll videos. The Who, Deep Purple, Santana, Rick Wakeman of the Yes, Procol Harum, and his all time favorite the Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood jam sessions. Yes, he is still a huge Rock n Roller at almost, well over 66:)

Rock On!


Tour of Florida Southern College – Frank Lloyd Wright Architect

After our delicious brunch at the Terrace, Tom took me to the Florida Southern College Campus in the artsy district of Downtown Lakeland. Frank Lloyd Wright the renowned architect designed several buildings at this campus dating back to 1941 – 1952.


As we walked the grounds of this property, I noticed that several buildings had very low ceilings. Tom informed me that Mr. Wright was a very short man, measuring 5’2″ and according to Tom,  Mr. Wright was an egotist who would not listen to anyone.  As I heard Tom describe him, I chuckled to myself and thought, “that’s the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me!” Tom is also 6’4″ and is too tall to be comfortable in most spaces.  Getting back to Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings, they are designed with very low ceilings and if you are claustrophobic you will feel a bit uncomfortable until you get used to the space. Another way to look at FLW’s design is that one feel’s cozy in his buildings.


Enjoy the Gallery

Brunch at the Terrace and a Tour of the Historical Building

Tom surprised me this Sunday with brunch at the Terrace Hotel. We had Quiche, white sangria, iced tea, and a delicious salad, then we indulged in a wonderful piece of Key lime pie.  Yum!


The Terrace is a historic building located across from Mirror Lake. A few blocks beyond the lake, and across from the Terrace, is Florida Southern College, which is well-known for the architect who designed several buildings there, Frank Lloyd Wright. After touring the Terrace we headed for the college. You can see my images of the college in my next blog post. Or cut and past this link


About the Terrace Hotel, you can read a bit of its history here http://www.terracehotel.com/terrace-history.asp


I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to tour this property, and, of course, photograph it.


Enjoy the Gallery!

Metamorphosis involves a struggle

The struggle required by the butterfly to push through the tiny opening in the chrysalis or pupa (cocoon) is nature’s way of forcing the fluids from its body into its wings, thus strengthening its wings to fly. Denied this process, the butterfly would emerge weak and underdeveloped and would not be able to fly. It would never reach its full potential.

The lesson here is that struggles in our own lives are exactly what propels us to seek and grow strong and independent. Each personal struggle we overcome gives us the confidence to let go of fear, and become who we want to be. We learn to spread our wings and fly.

Mo, by Tom. Observing the butterfly, flowing with the metamorphosis
Tom, by Mo. Observing the butterflies, flowing with the metamorphosis
Living the moment
Mo, by Tom

Tom and I visited the Butterfly Museum yesterday. It was 2 years ago that Tom first took me to the museum, and put his Panasonic g2 in my hands. An act that set me on a very personal and intense photographic journey. On this trip Tom and I both used our Nikon’s. He had his D600 full frame; I used the D7K. Tom was very disappointed with his results, and I felt for him. I know the feeling of anticipation one gets after a shoot where you think you got great shots, only to view them on a large screen and find you missed it. It sucks! I on the other hand, really liked the images I captured. Here are a few of them.

Here are Tom’s shots of me. I think he did a great job on these:)

to be posted.

On our way home we stopped at the RED WING restaurant. It is a carnivore’s delight!

Other than a few crops, the shots here are presented as shot with no post-processing:)