Crystal Blue Persuasion

Crystal blue persuasion, mm-hmm It's a new vibration
Crystal blue persuasion, mm-hmm
It’s a new vibration

As a child of the late sixties and early seventies, I grew up listening to music by the legendary beatles, rolling stones, jimi hendrix, the grateful dead, iron butterfly, Blue’s Image, The Young Rascals, and Tommy James and the Shondells. As teens who couldn’t wait to be all grown up, my girlfriends and I would walk past the house of what we thought were really cute boys, just to get them to look at us. Music was a big thing for everybody at that time, and local boys were always starting up garage bands hoping to attract a following of googly-eyed teen-aged girls.
Look over yonder what do you see
Look over yonder what do you see

We had several local musicians in our neighborhood who actually made a name for themselves. One of them was a boy named Mike Pinera who toured for a brief time with the Iron Butterfly and Blues Image. Mike lived near Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, and was friends with Felix Cavalier of the Young Rascals fame. The Rascals were one of my favorite sixties bands. I loved their song “it’s a beautiful morning” and Tommy James and the Shondell’s song “crystal blue persuasion”.
Ain't it beautiful crystal blue persuasion
Ain’t it beautiful crystal blue persuasion

For some reason after I snapped my shutters this morning and looked at the images I captured, I couldn’t stop singing crystal blue persuasion. Then, when I got in the car to drive the hour to work, on the radio came the familiar sound of crystal blue persuasion, a remake version. It was synchronicity!

Official Resident of Polk City

Wow! I got back May 6th from Albuquerque and immediately got busy packing up the apartment. I spent the weekend of the 11th sorting, de-cluttering, donating, and packing. Rented a truck, hired two movers and landed in Polk City with boxes and stuff. Spent the next week bringing all the things that didn’t fit in the truck, shutting off utilities, cable, etc. and cleaning the old apartment. It was a nice place. It felt so good detaching myself from all that stuff. I spent this weekend cleaning and moving in to my new home. If my psychology doesn’t get in my way I will be very happy here. Tom got me a hot stone massage as welcome home present. . . Today we went South to Downtown Lakeland to explore the local eateries and pay another visit to the Gardens.

Here are some shots of Downtown Lakeland and the nearby Gardens.

Albuquerque Cartwheels

We are all so excited about our little Olive. We can’t wait to meet her in August! So much to do before she gets here. Mallory and Ella are literally flipping into cartwheels from their anticipation:) LOL!!

Here are the images from the maternity sessions I did for my daughter while I was in Albuquerque this past weekend.  I find this city delightful and I love the local eateries. This trip we had dinner at the Fire Station one night, and ate Burgers and sweet potato fries the second night at the Holy Cow. Yum!  For Des’ maternity pictures we wound up doing two sessions. The first at a nearby park with the girls, and the second in downtown Albuquerque. Cully wanted to have the pictures taken in front of the same house where they shot the image they used to announce their engagement.

Session 1

Session 2 Down Town

Session 2 Cont’d