Running Away to the Circus

John Ringling evidently was a man of such few words that when I googled him I came up with only these words associated with him

” John Ringling, Master of the Big Top!”

Follow your Destiny

Follow your Destiny

Running away to the Circus deserves a long dissertation, but really, this is one of those experiences where words just fail to accurately describe feelings. How can I convey the colors, the smell, or the weirdness the Circus embodied for me.

It was never my favorite place.

Other than the food, and a few cool rides, I really always felt it was dirty, dingy and filled with weird anomalies that never appealed to me. Animals in cages, and the such, just seemed unnatural, it still does.

Nonetheless, a visit to the Ringling Museum and Ca’ D’Zan proves plenty of people differ from me in their feelings about the Circus. Especially the Circus Vehicles . .

Tom and I recently escaped South and along our travels we stopped in on Ca’ D’Zan and the other Circus museums.

Run from comfort
Run from comfort

I love Ca’ D’Zan for the photographic opportunities it offers, and if you’ve never been there it is worth the admission to check out this collection of Circus memorabilia. The Ringling Mansion with it’s ornate furnishings and art collection, great views, rose gardens, and the breathtaking terrace at the back of the house that looks out onto the open sea, is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Rose Gardens

Here are some of the images I captured on my visit.

A few more worth posting

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