A walk in the woods

Thick with trees . . .
Thick with trees . . .

There are times when I long to retreat into nature.  I particularly enjoy immersing myself in the woods. The trees tell me a story of survival. Their scars  speak to the assaults they have survived.  

Beyond loving the adventure of finding an almost undisturbed patch of woods in the city area, I particularly enjoy the colors, the textures, the unique forms and lines of the vegetation. In their higher mystery of being, if you listen and look carefully, the trees will reveal letters and numbers.


This particular place is close to where I live and is thick with trees, it’s a rarity that I know will not be available very long.  I try to visit it often, always hopeful that it will still be there.

 It’s a perfect setting for afternoon teddy bear tea photography settings. . . .

Inner City Woods
Inner City Woods

With just a wee bit of imagination you can visualize tree fairies, wood nymphs,

but beware, there maybe a minotaur lurking nearby. . .

Flower games . . .

He loves me . . . he loves me not . . .
He loves me . . . he loves me not . . .

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