Sara, Paul and Bean


This post is now public because Sara gave me permission to post my favorite shots from her maternity pictures session.


Saturday, February 2, 2013, I met Sarah and Paul for their maternity session. I invited Daiana Adams to come and join the shoot. She and Noa joined us and we had a very nice afternoon.


I am always excited to see what Daiana shoots. It’s interesting how two people shooting the same scene come up with totally different images. And Daiana is a very imaginative shooter.  I took the above shot of Daiana while we were trying hats on Sara. It was impromtu, unplanned, and as always, Daiana looks like she just stepped off the streets of Paris!


It was a beautiful day for  photography, the sun was shining, the temperature was warm, but not too hot, and we shot at two locations. The first is my Super-Secret spot — Sara and Paul — must not tell anyone where we shot at!  LOL!


Whenever I shoot someone for the first time, there is a small warm-up period before everyone gets comfortable and can be themselves, and that’s when I like to start shooting. A  long day of shooting takes a lot out of the subjects, and the photographer.


It’s my job to stay on task and keep everyone excited about the session so they will emote and not just pose.


I like to capture sweet moments exchanged between the individuals I am shooting, a shy smile, a tender touch, a hug, a little look. These are what I am after.


Sara and Paul are an adorable couple. They were so kind and compliant. No matter what I asked them to do, they did. I so appreciate them letting me shoot these special pictures for them. They turned out lovely.


There are still a few more shots to process and  small finishing edits, before I complete this project.  I’ve posted a gallery that contains the shots I like best below, and will burn a disc of all the images for Sara and Paul with suggestions for printing sources. I discourage having photographs printed at places like Walgreen’s, CVS, or Walmart, simply because the print and paper quality is not always great. But they can be printed where-ever they’d like. I would suggest having a small photo book created, or at least getting the images printed on quality paper.

Finally, this was a really fun way to shoot. I enjoy scouting for ideal locations, using props, and exploring the way people interact with each other and the camera. There are some shots I would have liked to capture that we didn’t get to in this shoot, OH WELL,  I’ll try those on Shirell when I do her session next;-)  

I am not a cookie cutter type photographer, and although I do studio or location shots, I strive to make each session unique to the individual. I don’t want to capture the kind of image that anyone else can do.  I’ll do a ribbon on a belly, but shoot it differently. I don’t want the image that one sees on every photography blog, or all over Facebook with the same poses, just different people. That’s just not my style. If my client insists on a particular pose, I’ll include it in the session even if I feel it’s too cliché’, but it won’t be the featured image of my shoot. In my sessions I try to explore the subjects and capture them in ways that will uniquely reflect them. My images are not typical, and I like that. If you want typical, well, you can find those kinds of photographers everywhere. You can’t pay me enough to do typical:-)


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