Thursday Shutter Clicks – Amanda

Amanda has the most beautiful face to photograph. I got carried away shooting her. I took so many beautiful images of her that it was hard to choose which I liked best. Amanda isn’t comfortable posing, and doesn’t naturally project herself as a seductive and alluring woman. As the photographer shooting her, I had to learn how to shoot around her nervousness, and capture the beautiful woman I saw behind all the things she was thinking about herself. I think you will agree with me, that her pictures came out lovely!

Here is Amanda:

Amanda  by Mo Garcia 20130117_285 20130117_289 20130117_291 20130117_329 20130117_335 20130117_337 20130117_361 20130117_365 20130117_367 20130117_373 20130117_387 20130117_393 20130117_405 20130117_409 20130117_419 20130117_421 20130117_463 20130117_551 20130117_557 20130117_565 20130117_583 20130117_589 20130117_593 20130117_603 20130117_605 20130117_607 20130117_609

It was fun getting her out of her own way so that she could let the Diva out!

One thought on “Thursday Shutter Clicks – Amanda”

  1. I come out of my shell pretty easily…until a camera gets in front of me lol. I LOVE a couple of these shots though…my two faves are probably the full warm color close up with the wide brim hat and the super dramatic one where you see my love tattoo (the 13th one down, my lucky number :p). I also love the one where you look like you caught me doing something I wasnt supposed to be through the flowers lol. Thank you Mo. they are beautiful 🙂

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