Noir Girls Night Photo Shoot Out Takes

Thursday, January 10th, after work Amanda, Melissa, Sofia, Cherie, Rita, Suzan, Amy, Daiana, and me, had a Girls Night Evening Noir Photo Shoot! What fun! Everyone enjoyed the evening. Our lovely Mary Kay Representative and Co-Worker, Amanda Trigleth, volunteered to do make-up for everyone. Daiana volunteered to come over and be the second shooter, spotter, co-director, etc. She is awesome! I want to convince her to co-launch a photography business with me because individually we are very good photographers, together we RULE!

Girls (2 of 5) Girls (3 of 5) Girls (4 of 5) Girls (5 of 5)


The girls were treated to make up, healthy snacks, cheese, fruit, veggies, and flat breads from Pane Rustica. There was wine, water, and a couple of Frozen Tequila Shots were had by some. No drinking for me because I am On Weight Watchers!

The evening ended by 11:30 p.m. and a good time was had by all.

MOT_4924 Girls (1 of 1) MOT_4919 MOT_4923

Here are a few out takes:

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