This was an early morning shoot of Tom, Saturday, January 5, 2013, my second attempt at achieving noir style lighting. I pulled him away from the Wall Street Journal and asked him to pose for a light test. You can see how happy he was to oblige me. . . but he did:)



I love the way he seems to appear out of the shadows in this shot. . .

Early Morning Shoot
Sepia Noir Style
Shot in color converted to b&w, cropped for a Noire Style effect.
Shot in color converted to b&w, cropped for a Noire Style effect.

I am practicing using light to achieve a Noire effect. The image of me above, and the ones below are of a self portraiture session I did  after work on Thursday, January 3, 2013. It is my First attempt and not easy to do. It really needs a younger more alluring subject. The first shot looks more like a regular black and white. The second image was out of focus, but I liked the softness and the look. The third image looks vintage, and in the forth image I like the relaxed feel the subject projects. . . oh! That’s me. The backgrounds and composition need work. I hope to convince a few co-workers to drop by and pose for me for more practice. The images were cropped to achieve that Noire style. In the first image you can see the remote shutter release in my hand.

Noire02 Noire03 Noire04 I think this one comes closest to the Noire Style I was going for.

2 thoughts on “Noire”

  1. You are gutsy photographing yourself like this and commenting on your own appearance and the lighting effects. So tempting to hide behind the camera or at least cover up one’s “flaws”.
    xx Rowena

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