I was scouting out locations for an upcoming photo shoot next week; I visited a local beach park suggested by a friend and I was pleasantly surprised. The park is small but offers ample opportunity for great photographs. There is a beach area with a nice high sandy seawall, a couple of narrow docks, benches, small re-servable pavilions, grassy nooks, and crisp white sparkling sand. Wild sea oats and yellow flowers grow randomly in small patches near the seawall.


A trio of kids playing there caught my lens. They were walking and hiding from each other in the grassy patches.

002-20130126_27They were digging in the sand, climbing the sandy seawall and otherwise have a fabulous day at the beach,


while their mother sat nearby at the shore line with an infant in her arms. I took way too many pictures of these kids and truly regret not having gotten the mother’s contact information so I could get these images to her. They were great!


Kids at Play Gallery

Along my journey to find cool shooting spots and just a few minutes from major highways, and urban life, I found a secluded  place  where my imagination ran wild. My mind wasted no time transforming this locale into a myriad of mystical scenes.


The area is thick with trees making it an ideal spot for playful poses, and whimsical compositions.


It is absolutely secluded, as I believe the property is up for sale. What a shame that some corporate purchase will transform this delightful place into yet another cookie-cutter extension of the cement jungle.


The way the light filters through the trees adds interest and mystique.


The shadows cast as a result of this affect are dramatic and can be used to effect the mood of the final photograph.  I can’t wait to place my subject in this setting and let my lens play with the images. 

Images posted below:)

Urban Tampa Reflections

I’ve been in all weekend with a cold. Tom spent the weekend nursing me . . . finally, today I mustered up a bit of energy and got myself out. After finishing up with my errands, and other GOTZZIES, I pulled out the D300 and took a few shots using my fisheye and an extreme wide angle 14 mm. Caught some Cool reflections . . .

Winter in Florida, you just have to love it! Great way to spend the afternoon . . . catching reflections
Winter in Florida, you just have to love it! Great way to spend the afternoon . . . catching reflections
















Thursday Shutter Clicks – Amanda

Amanda has the most beautiful face to photograph. I got carried away shooting her. I took so many beautiful images of her that it was hard to choose which I liked best. Amanda isn’t comfortable posing, and doesn’t naturally project herself as a seductive and alluring woman. As the photographer shooting her, I had to learn how to shoot around her nervousness, and capture the beautiful woman I saw behind all the things she was thinking about herself. I think you will agree with me, that her pictures came out lovely!

Here is Amanda:

Amanda  by Mo Garcia 20130117_285 20130117_289 20130117_291 20130117_329 20130117_335 20130117_337 20130117_361 20130117_365 20130117_367 20130117_373 20130117_387 20130117_393 20130117_405 20130117_409 20130117_419 20130117_421 20130117_463 20130117_551 20130117_557 20130117_565 20130117_583 20130117_589 20130117_593 20130117_603 20130117_605 20130117_607 20130117_609

It was fun getting her out of her own way so that she could let the Diva out!

Thursday Shutter Clicks – Cherie

Although Cherie looked absolutely stunning in the images I took at our 1940s Hollywood Glam Noir Night, I wasn’t satisfied with them. Cherie’s face is one of those faces that captures the lens and I didn’t think I captured that on Noir Night.  She was gracious enough to let me shoot her again. Here are my images from the Nikon D7K. I still have to process the D300.

Here she is: 

Cherie by Mo Garcia MOT_0600-2 MOT_0604-2 MOT_0605-2 MOT_0608-2 MOT_0609-2-2

Cherie by Mo Garcia
Cherie by Mo Garcia

These are the final images from Cherie’s Shoot!

Thursday Shutter Clicks

  • Woo Hoo! Another Thursday evening shutter click get together. This evening we did re-shoots for a couple of the girls from last weeks session. While the girls were busy with make-up, I warmed up by taking some shots of Daiana. One word to describe them BEAUTIFUL! Daiana is quite comfortable in front of, or behind the camera. She understands what a photographer is looking for, and how to project into the lens. This makes her a great inspiration for the photographer she is working with. She is very easy to photograph and extremely photogenic. . . lucky girl!

    I like the over all composition of each of the images, and I felt Daiana’s personality was reflected in every shot. I am most pleased with the ways I photographed her eyes. The only edits I did to the images was to crop, desaturate, and add a little softening. Images shot with high ISO settings, were adjusted to make them less grainy. I did nothing to enhance her eyes in any of these images. Yet, her eyes pop! They look alive and on fire in every shot.
    “Nailed it,” she says with smug self-satisfaction!

    What I like least about some of the images is that they are a bit grainy, and a few are not as sharp as I like, but those are minor details and in my opinion add effect to the final photographs.

    Daiana by Mo Garcia

    These shots were all taken with my Nikon D7K, here are my favorites:

    MOT_0594 MOT_0593 MOT_0589 MOT_0586 MOT_0587 MOT_0576 MOT_0568 MOT_0574 MOT_0554 Daiana


    Enjoy the Gallery