I was scouting out locations for an upcoming photo shoot next week; I visited a local beach park suggested by a friend and I was pleasantly surprised. The park is small but offers ample opportunity for great photographs. There is a beach area with a nice high sandy seawall, a couple of narrow docks, benches, small re-servable pavilions, grassy nooks, and crisp white sparkling sand. Wild sea oats and yellow flowers grow randomly in small patches near the seawall.


A trio of kids playing there caught my lens. They were walking and hiding from each other in the grassy patches.

002-20130126_27They were digging in the sand, climbing the sandy seawall and otherwise have a fabulous day at the beach,


while their mother sat nearby at the shore line with an infant in her arms. I took way too many pictures of these kids and truly regret not having gotten the mother’s contact information so I could get these images to her. They were great!


Kids at Play Gallery

Along my journey to find cool shooting spots and just a few minutes from major highways, and urban life, I found a secluded  place  where my imagination ran wild. My mind wasted no time transforming this locale into a myriad of mystical scenes.


The area is thick with trees making it an ideal spot for playful poses, and whimsical compositions.


It is absolutely secluded, as I believe the property is up for sale. What a shame that some corporate purchase will transform this delightful place into yet another cookie-cutter extension of the cement jungle.


The way the light filters through the trees adds interest and mystique.


The shadows cast as a result of this affect are dramatic and can be used to effect the mood of the final photograph.  I can’t wait to place my subject in this setting and let my lens play with the images. 

Images posted below:)

Urban Tampa Reflections

I’ve been in all weekend with a cold. Tom spent the weekend nursing me . . . finally, today I mustered up a bit of energy and got myself out. After finishing up with my errands, and other GOTZZIES, I pulled out the D300 and took a few shots using my fisheye and an extreme wide angle 14 mm. Caught some Cool reflections . . .

Winter in Florida, you just have to love it! Great way to spend the afternoon . . . catching reflections
Winter in Florida, you just have to love it! Great way to spend the afternoon . . . catching reflections
















Thursday Shutter Clicks – Amanda

Amanda has the most beautiful face to photograph. I got carried away shooting her. I took so many beautiful images of her that it was hard to choose which I liked best. Amanda isn’t comfortable posing, and doesn’t naturally project herself as a seductive and alluring woman. As the photographer shooting her, I had to learn how to shoot around her nervousness, and capture the beautiful woman I saw behind all the things she was thinking about herself. I think you will agree with me, that her pictures came out lovely!

Here is Amanda:

Amanda  by Mo Garcia 20130117_285 20130117_289 20130117_291 20130117_329 20130117_335 20130117_337 20130117_361 20130117_365 20130117_367 20130117_373 20130117_387 20130117_393 20130117_405 20130117_409 20130117_419 20130117_421 20130117_463 20130117_551 20130117_557 20130117_565 20130117_583 20130117_589 20130117_593 20130117_603 20130117_605 20130117_607 20130117_609

It was fun getting her out of her own way so that she could let the Diva out!

Thursday Shutter Clicks – Cherie

Although Cherie looked absolutely stunning in the images I took at our 1940s Hollywood Glam Noir Night, I wasn’t satisfied with them. Cherie’s face is one of those faces that captures the lens and I didn’t think I captured that on Noir Night.  She was gracious enough to let me shoot her again. Here are my images from the Nikon D7K. I still have to process the D300.

Here she is: 

Cherie by Mo Garcia MOT_0600-2 MOT_0604-2 MOT_0605-2 MOT_0608-2 MOT_0609-2-2

Cherie by Mo Garcia
Cherie by Mo Garcia

These are the final images from Cherie’s Shoot!