Shooting at Safety Harbor and Philippe Park

I am always surprised when I think I know everything about a sight that I’ve visited often, and then find historical data I knew nothing about.

Who knew Odet Philippe invented the GRAPEFRUIT? Yes, invented, that’s what CULTIVATED means. It wasn’t here before him because the Grapefruit is a hybrid! He also is credited with introducing CIGARS to Tampa???? Really? I thought the Cubans did that…LOL! Viva La France!!

It’d been a while since I visited this  area and I was impressed with how little things have changed.

Other than the Kapok Tree Restaurant being gone, and Safety Harbor Spa taking it’s place,

and a few new art shops. . .

Like “Funks Way!” (note the play on “Feng Shui“) Anyway, little else has changed.

Funks Way’s cool eclectic benches!

We really enjoyed visiting the local eateries, and had lunch at the Athen’s Restaurant.

The staff is marvelous, and the food authentically good! We had Gyros and hot Baklava, and the best Iced tea.

And, after all the walking you are sure to do, treat yourself to a sweet delight here.

Or stop here to quench your thirst.

Everything is as I remember it.

Quaint, cozy, and friendly.

There always seems to be some artsy event taking place. On this trip we happened upon a Birthday Celebration for the United States Marines,

Yes, more food,

All kinds of people, and plenty of vendors selling their wares . . .

Sailing Yachts to make you dream . . .
Prepping for Photos!

The Pin-Up Girls of Pin-Ups America were great!!!

The Park seemed smaller than I remember, but I didn’t venture into the bicycle trails, I just stayed close to the bay.

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Logo for 2 Carved Hearts

Here is the final edit. First options are below, remember it can be any color combination. The cool thing is that now it will not pixellate when you stretch or enlarge the logo. It is not pixels but math so it keeps its sharpness:)

I made these from the hand drawn art on the sign you used at the craft fair.

Black and White Logo

Reddish Logo

Purple and grey Logo

Less Purple and Biege Logo

Pink Outline only Logo