Learning Curve

All That Jazz
Recently, while working threw the learning curve on my daughter’s Mac Pro Book, I uploaded my images using the iphoto application she uses. OMG! This app somehow synced with my facebook account and pulled all my photos into her computer. This caused the mac to freeze up! In an effort to fix it, my daughter deleted everything that was dated for that particular date. We didn’t realize that either the mac, or the iphoto app, considers everything opened on a particular day, and displays it as being created on that date in the particular menu we were using to search for images. We decided to highlight and delete all those image files assuming they were the images imported by the mac/iphoto app. Unfortunately, that directory included the iphoto app itself, along with all my face book photo albums it had accessed and connected to. Even after restoring the app, all my facebook pictures were gone along with the wedding pictures from daughter’s wedding. OMG! What a way to learn.
Pumpkin spice Cake with Butter Cream Icing

We were able to get the Mac straightened out, and restore iphoto to functioning status by reloading it, but the missing pictures are irrevocably lost:( Luckily we found the original disc with my daughter’s wedding pictures on them and were able to reload those for her. But I learned my lesson.
Graham Cracker Crust, Chocolate Cake base for Smore’s
I will never store anything on facebook that I don’t mind losing, or don’t have a backup copy of somewhere handy. I am not sure about iphoto, it may be a learning curve thing. It has great quick editing features, but I am not confident on how to restrict it from accessing my flickr, facebook, and blog images. I was able to cancel permissions for iphoto on both my flickr and facebook accounts. Hopefully that is all it takes! It appears this has the iphoto app in check.

Artsy Fartsy

From now on I will post all my photos to my flickr account with permissions set to private/family only, and full copyright restrictions so NO ONE can simply right-click and copy. Therefore, I won’t be posting a lot of pictures to facebook anymore, rather I will continue to post links to safe sites for viewing them, and of course, I will continue to post images on this blog as well as links to my flickr sets. I will train myself to only post images resized to a minimal size with large watermarks. It’s amazing how people who don’t want to pay a photographer will have no problem taking the image from your web posts. Oh well. My photos will be safely uploaded first to the clouds. Sounds heavenly 🙂

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