Home Studio Redesign

New Logo I’m Working on for my Craft Web Page

I tackled the redesign for my home studio this weekend. Whee! How does one person accumulate so much stuff? Well for the most part it’s done. I will still probably tweak something here and there, but my main focus will be in digging in and getting started on creating, creating, creating. . .what am I going to create you asked? Ha! Whatever pops into my mind, and lately I’m being flooded with creative ideas. . .time to bank on them — LOL!

Tell me what you think of the redesign. My objective was to create various work areas to house the different activities that will be taking place in each location.

Here are more pics

This is my tool organization pegboard for the cutting, and jewelry and chachke, making area … basically anything requiring tools will take place in this area:)

Under table storage at cutting and tooling section

My sewing, area

Here’s another view of my sewing area . . .

My computer and graphic design area

My Spinning Bike, next to the daybed so I can pass out after I ride — LOL!

Now I need a bigger place to house my photography equipment . . . Geez!

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