It was well into the evening on Thursday, June 28th when we did this shoot. I had been battling a cold for most of the three weeks the girls were here and was not at 100% energy. We were also all experiencing a little cabin fever after hurricane Debby shut us indoors for 3 days. The girls were not too excited about posing for a long shoot, but I managed to setup my camera and studio lights in hopes of getting a few shots. After I shot the girls and Jackie, their MO MO (Mo Mo is Cajun for grandma), I framed the next few shots in my camera’s view finder. This made it simple for me to pop myself into the shots. I showed Jackie how to press the shutter release button half-way to focus and then all the way to snap the picture. I encouraged the great laughter shots the old fashion way, I tickled the girls when they didn’t expect it. I told Jackie to just click away and she did. I was really happy with the results. We managed to capture a few silly, fun moments and a couple of priceless shots!

I love creating photo effects, filters, and presets in lightroom. Here are a couple of presets I created for this shoot and applied to these images.

This is one of my favorites

Soft Black and White

A color version

Pixie Glamour

This is my version of classic black and white

My overall favorite
Love and Laughter

Here I adjusted the contrast and exposures to achieve an overexposed bleached out look.

Bleached Contrast

Again I adjusted the contrast and exposure, plus saturation and vibrancy.

Warm and Pretty

There is so much you can do to a photograph by adjusting the exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, clarity and black values. I love the outcome I got on this image. It has a sweet edginess to it that I like.

Edgy Sweetness

Adjustments to clarity and noise reduction gave this shot a really dreamy feel.


Super HDR with and Edgy Vintage effect

Vintage Edgy