Nikon D300 the Amazon!

No! Not the jungle. The Camera! It is quite a machine! I am still in practice mode, but I am loving the results. Here are a few images I’ve taken so far. It amazes me that although this camera has so many bells and whistles that can actually get in the way of an amateur photog. Still, I find it surprisingly easy to find my way around my new babe’s circuitry.


My Valentine from Tom – D300!

My new used Nikon d300 is in my hands! OMG! I immediately dove right into exploration of it’s many menus, and more menus, and sub-menus, and categories, and settings, and buttons, and wheels, and on, and on. . . It is a tech-wizard’s dream — not that I am a tech wizard.

I must say, with all it’s sophisticated features, it is relatively easy to navigate and follow. I am impressed I was able to get the live view turned on and off! LOL!

Here is a picture I snapped as I was sitting on my couch this morning before I went off to work. It was shot on manual mode, at f6.4, 1/180s, 315mm, iso3200. Yes, I said ISO 3200 look at the quality! wow! Pretty cool! Can’t wait to chase birds and butterflies!