I wish you Health, Love, Prosperity and Grandchildren. . .

2011 Mallory at the Award Winning Science Museum Explora in Albuquerque, NM Pixlexia Photography

. . . and lots of photographs to admire.

Every picture I take is an adventure. I love the photography journey I am on, and welcome the learning curves! I look forward to what is ahead in photography this year and am excitedly trying out all sorts of new techniques.

Recently, in my jaunts through several photog blogs, and websites, I uncovered a style I love. It’s called High Dynamic Range Photography. This new year begins with me being mesmerized by this new HDR trend in photography.

Nov. 2011 Frt Myers Beach, FL Pixlexia Photography

Applying this technique through filters to older photos gives, well, dynamic results!
Riley Wedding, 2010, Picnic Island, Tampa, FL Pixlexia Photography

Those of you who have heard of HDR understand it is an acronym for High Dynamic Range and involves bracketing shots at various exposures, then combining the shots into one photograph with equally vibrant exposure of the foreground, middle ground and background. It is dynamic! Here are examples of some shots I did on New Year’s Day!

1st Sunrise of 2012
1/1/2012 Lake Agnes, Polk City, FL Pixlexia Photography

Pelicans at Lake Morten Park

2012 Lakeland, FL Pixlexia Photography

HDR is not new. It’s actually been a very well kept secret by professional photographers for years. Recently, thanks to the internet the technique has become more mainstream. A quick internet search will bring up several hits for software programs that do a nice job of combing bracketed shots for HDR results. Once your eye is educated, you will be able to easily identify images that have been created using this technique. What’s that old saying? If it seems to good to be true it probably has been photo-shopped or it’s HDR.

Other HDR images

I remember when I discovered that Ansel Adams’ photographs were not exactly out of the camera virginal shots. In fact, his genius was in not only composing spectacular shots and understanding how to use light, but in his post-processing manipulation with chemicals, dodging and burning. I translate that to be chemical photo shopping. Similarly, I have learned that those spectacular shots produced by professional photographers almost always contain some degree of post-processing. Whether it’s lightroom for exposure values and contrast adjustments, or cropping for the perfect composition, or skin smoothing, slenderizing, all these manipulations are used to produce those jaw dropping images. In my opinion, photo-shop is just part of the artistic arsenal of tools available to photographers. I view it as a filter, or a lens. Photo shop in moderation can be thought of as the final rinse of your photograph. I embrace new tools and techniques, and I love the results!

Enjoy and Soar!

Self Portrait Mo / Polk City, FL 12/2011 Pixlexia Photography

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