The One That Got Away!

On Sunday morning a beautiful Dragon Fly landed on Tom’s Allante and sat there for several minutes. I thought it was dead and decided to snap a picture of it’s perfectly stretched out wings. The minute I snapped my shutter, the fly came to life and flew at me resulting in a terribly out of focus picture.

I spent the rest of the day regretting the dragon-fly that got away.

I then focused on a crane that I wanted to catch in flight. It took me almost all day, but in the end I caught it. 

Here is the equipment I used at Lake Agnes to shoot the birds: Panasonic DMC G-2, Lumix 200 mm lens, Nikon 300mm Telephoto lens, 300mm Tamaron lens.

Another little indulgence of mine is treasure hunting in local thrift shops. I found this great little deal today! A coffee table, and side table with wood tops and solid wrought iron bases, both for $15.00. I thought I’d get a few practice shots of furniture to add to my work. Here are my new tables. Yep, that’s what I’m talking about! I used a Panasonic DMC G-2 with nikon 1.4 / 28-80mm lens for these shot with a flash. 

My $15.00 dollar bargain

I can’t think of a better way to end a great weekend than with a great deal!

This is going to work great in my apartment.

This is the Side Table. Yes, it's a little scuffed. It has been sanded. I will refinish both tables when I get time, but for now I like the rustic look! Oh by the way that's my new Dali Print on the table. It is titled Hysterical Arch. See below for a better view!

The Hysterical Arch  Ink by Salvador Dali

My souvenir from the Salvador Dali Art Museum in St. Petersburg, FL

On my way home with my treasures I stopped to explore a wooden walkway that led into the mangroves on the side of the road.

this wooden walkway zig zags through the mangroves

I couldn’t resist snapping my shutter a few times. . .

a really quirky fishing hole. . .


you never know what you’ll find here. . .

A Secret Fishing Hole

For the Mangrove Walk shots I used a Panasonic DMC G-2 with nikon 1.4 / 28-80mm lens for these, which I shot in natural light / Sun. 

Enjoy and Soar!


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