Tampa Looking Up

Reflection of me, and the fountain in the Esplanade of One Tampa City Center

This weekend I spent a lazy afternoon clicking away downtown.  I enjoy seeing  the world from unusual view points. When I shoot buildings I like to emphasize certain perspectives. Like standing close to a building and shooting up, or shooting from any angle that makes the building dramatic and more interesting to look at. I like to draw attention to architectural features that may go unnoticed when viewed from a normal perspective. I’m not normal…I don’t want my photography to be normal. I want it to be a raw memory of what inspired me. Normal can never inspire me.  

Enjoy and Soar!  

Mo Garcia

I used a Panasonic Lumix G2 DSLR and 45-200mm lens. I shot these on Sunday, May 8, 2011 between 1:44 – 3:00 p.m. in full sun, in manual mode.  The picture of “Beer Can Building” I shot with my Sony 14.1 mega pixel point and shoot, in program mode. All but one of these images are the original versions as I shot them. The one of the pigeon I cropped and used a fill light and adjusted the shadows to draw out the pigeon in flight from the grey background.  Unfortunately, my lens protector had a scratch which shows up in each of these pictures as a small gray spot.  It looks like a flying saucer LOL!

I love this shot. It makes such a dramatic statement! The layered rectangular segments resemble stairs and contrast nicely against the rounded features. The lines of the edges repeat uniformly, as do the windows of the building, and combine into a rhythmic pattern.

The colors and angles create an interesting view from the bottom up…

and against the beautiful Florida Sun the buildings sparkle like jewels…

Towering thoughts from the minds of architects…a marriage of spacial functionality and artsy aesthetics…

This building looks massive! From this perspective you don’t see the rounded features.

On these shots I used a 14-50 Lumix lens

Another feature I enjoy is the combinations of buildings as they contrast and reflect against each other.

Walking through the streets of downtown to explore its nooks and crannies sometimes reveals unexpected views of  the city.

Sometimes I have to get a little closer…

Then there is Beer Can Building…I shot this one on 12/31/2010 from River Walk Park off Ashley street. I used my Sony 14.1 mega pixel point and shoot camera. I included it here because it really presents a dramatic perspective of this building. 

Finally I was shooting under the bridges by the river walk near the Platt Street Bridge. A pigeon flew into my shot. The shot was underexposed, but the pigeon in flight was so lovely that I photo edited this one by applying fill light and cropping …  Enjoy and Soar!

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