Goal: Staying Alive

Staying Alive

This is day 11 of my keto eating style. As I have posted in a previous post, I have not had the easiest time of this. It’s taken me all the way to day 11 to even hit ketosis of some form, and I don’t stay in that state the entire day. Only yesterday, day 10, did the mighty scale tell me I lost 2 pounds! Normally, within the first week a lot of people see up to a 5 lb weight loss. I haven’t seen that. I know some of that is water weight for people but I haven’t even lost water weight until yesterday! I have one of those scales that breaks down the fat, muscle, water, bone ratios reflected in the total weight, and I am happy to see that my body fat % is going down and my percentage of muscle is going up so I know things are happening under my skin.

At first i was disappointed because I was really paying attention to what the scale was telling me was not happening, instead of focusing on what my body was telling me was definitely happening! Body says, you are shrinking in places And feeling stronger! I am feeling healthier, I am feeling very positive, and I have a lot of energy, along with mental clarity and focus.

Nothing seems to be able to pull me away from positivity! And I am definitely enjoying this happy positive state of mind. I tend to be a positive person anyway but I am really feeling healthy and positive, with so much energy!

I know the keto is working from the inside out! I have kept up my weekly cycling ride. That is something that I do for myself for a couple of reasons. I want to stay mobile. I want to keep my joints healthy and I want to get in a little bit of cardio to keep my heart and lungs strong.

The rides are tough, but I get a Zen after affect when I complete them. I feel very peaceful and very calm and I enjoy that! I don’t want to give that up. I don’t know if cycling has been slowing down my weight-loss progress and I don’t care if it is. I know that I’m gaining a little bit more muscle and muscle weighs more than fat yada yada yada all of that!

The bottom line is that, for me, this is not about losing weight or looking good. It’s about mobility, and it’s about feeling good. Its about being able to move my body in the ways that I need to. To be able to squat, bend, stoop, run, and walk.

Doing all of that without incurring joint pains and stiffness or having my body play an entire chorus of crackles, creeks, pops, and snaps that come with aging.

I’m not breathless when I walk, what more can you want? And my clothes are beginning to feel a bit loose on me so I know something is happening!

The key for me is to conquer my mindset! Getting my mind in a place where it understands who’s the boss! I am not going to allow my mind to tell me what to do! I have to tell it what to do! Mind shut up and be quiet!

It is a process of dealing with my demons and the demons are those mental voices that say “oh my God I’m too tired” or “oh my god this is too hard”, “oh my God I’m not gonna make it” “oh my god my joints, my knees, my calves, or my muscles are on fire!” “I don’t think I can make it.” “I’m so thirsty”, “I have to stop!” Those are ugly little bugger demons that pop up in my head to mess with my ride, and I have to flip those words and move past them, and continue on my way. I discipline myself to just ignore them and instead counter the attack with positive talk. I repeat goal setting affirmations to myself and I keep on moving.

Until next week, enjoy and soar!


I started my keto diet again last Monday so this is officially my sixth day on keto and today I’m struggling. I am having some sugar cravings and dealing with boredom issues over the amount of vegetables, salads and all of the meat I eat. I really have to work on my mindset if I’m going to be able to be successful and get past this week.

A couple of months now I have been riding my bicycle one time a week. I’m up to 10 miles on my weekly ride. Keto doesn’t encourage exercise when you first start but I just didn’t want to stop my weekly ride. Today I struggled early into my ride.

I find that this is all a mindset choice and when I’m struggling either with the boredom of Keto, or with my commitment to cycling, when I get to that point where I’m really struggling and I think I’m going to fail, I change my mindset. Instead of making it a challenging burden I try to look at it differently. I immediately set out to find something in it that I can enjoy. This change in my perspective made all the difference. Enjoyment in the process is essential for me. If I’m not enjoying the process I will quit. That’s just my human nature.

So when I began to struggle on my ride today, I realized I was pushing myself to hard and I was making the ride about meeting a goal and it became hard. I stoped and reset the way I was approaching it. I sat on the next bench and created a new playlist of music to ride to.

Then I took off my shoes and stood barefoot.

I even took a few minutes and leaned against a tree for grounding and recharging. When I got back on my bike I stopped as often as I felt the need to do so to hydrate and rest. The results were that I met my 10 mile goal and I actually exceeded it by a few blocks, and I did it in the same amount of time as my last ride but I actually rode faster.

I finished with a wonderful soaking bath in magnesium flakes for remineralization. I enjoyed a nice healthy Keto lunch, and after a 30 minute nap I made my way outside to enjoy the lakeside.

Until next week, Enjoy and Soar!


It was such a beautiful day I just couldn’t stay in doors. I headed over to historic downtown Lakeland to check out the curbside farmers market but on my way I stopped off and got a car wash and by that time I was a little ready for some campfire coffee and beignets. I ordered the “poker”. 3 scrumptious beignets drowned in maple syrup and topped off with crumbled bacon and just a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Yep! Let’s get this weekend started!

Next, I headed over to the curbside farmers market and noticed that there was a bit of an art festival going on. I checked out a couple of the tents snd picked up a pencil skirt with an interesting print that could be a retro look.

I was heading over to the “aqua organics” produce stand, my favorite place to buy local produce, because their farm is literally 2 miles away from my house and how much more local can you get? On the way I noticed a new boutique popped up and it’s called the “B” so I stopped in to check it out.

It turned out to be quite a cool little place. It has new clothing in the front, and I thought it was just like a little small two room boutique shop, but I found a couple of things I wanted to try on and on the way to the dressing room voila, there’s a huge back area that’s an upscale thrift. Here are a few treasures.

At Scouts I found a cutesy Florida magnet for my new refrigerator.

And vintage Florida boxed matches for my bathroom.

I finally made it to the produce stand and got the most scrumptious fresh produce that you could imagine!

Time to head home and whip up some lunch, and unpack my treasures but first, a stop at Publix to pick up food for the next week.

After a fantastic lunch I just passed out and didn’t wake up till about four! Oh no! I remembered the lady at the car wash telling me that tomorrow is going to be a day full of horrible weather and now I’m feeling all kinds of guilty over those beignets I had for breakfast. Well it is time to go for a bike ride!

Whoa! Great ride!

Did it! Getting faster!

Feeling the pain and also the Strength! Time for a potassium remineralization soaking bath and a little reward!

Grapefruit, champagne sangria! Ahhhhhh!

The end!

These two crazy girls!

After this morning’s bike ride I was really tired so I laid down and obviously took a little nap. When I woke up, the house was so quiet. I wondered where was Ella and her friend Janet at? Had they left to go back to Janet’s house? I opened the door to the room they were in and called out to them asking “guys are you here?” They responded “we’re here!” I asked what are you doing?

There they were seated in the reading nook playing on their iPhones on musically.

So a little later I knock on the door again because it was quite again and I startled 2 young makeup artist in practice.

Okay photo op! Let me see the finish girls!

Look Nana, I put fake eyelashes on for the first time! Oh my goodness how did you do that? Janet💃👯 told me to close my eyes. Oh.

And Janet💃👯 is rocking the red lipstick.

Just a little bit of touchup.

Back to musically and chocolate snacks!

OK just remember to wash your face before you go home and dad sees you:-)

11.3 Miles

Cycling before breakfast this morning trying to go beyond the 10 mile mark. Made it!

A bit overcast, hope it doesn’t rain.

On the trail!

Didn’t cycle last week and I’m feeling it in my knees.

Getting high on earth vibes!

Back on my wheels.

Time for a water break.

Back to the trail

Dealing with my mind. Refusing to listen to my negative internal noise. Breathe and smile.

Hydrated and ready. Here we go!

The return – long pavement ahead,

Holy moly – really engaging in positive self talk now!

That last mile – whee!

I made it!

Middle Child

Tom and I went to purchase a refrigerator this morning at our nearby Lowes. We left Ella home because she didn’t want to go with us and we’d be right back. When we returned, we found Ella playing with the make up that I let her play with and Ta Da!

Wow it looks beautiful Ella! Now go and take that red lipstick off your lips!

Ella: returns with a different shirt and asks “is this better?”

Geez! I’m just gonna put a bag over her head.